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How To Choose A Strong Topic For A Biology Research Paper

One of the most difficult steps in writing a biology research paper is choosing a decent and relevant topic. Without a good topic, you won’t be able to fully release your investigating and writing skills, so you should approach this task seriously. This article contains helpful advice on how to come up with topic ideas and choose the best one.

  1. Start looking for ideas.
  2. The best way to find ideas for your work is to look in your biology textbook. There, you’ll be able to select something from the great variety of broad topics. Try to choose subjects that attract your own interest. This will guarantee that you’ll be excited to investigate your topic and write your paper.

  3. Eliminate the least appealing ideas.
  4. When you have a big list of potential topics, you should get rid of ideas that won’t be very interesting for your audience to read. Approach your friends, family members, and classmates and ask them what topics look more appealing to them. Eliminate the ideas that received the lowest number of votes.

  5. Narrow your ideas.
  6. For your research paper to be interesting and earn you the highest score, your topic should be narrow. Take your best ideas and focus on some of their aspects or try to look at common topics from unusual angles.

  7. Consult your teacher.
  8. Take your list of topics and approach your biology teacher asking them for advice. Your teacher is likely to have a large experience in reading students’ papers, so they will tell you what topic will be more interesting for your audience to read and for you to investigate.

  9. Make your final decision.
  10. Select a topic basing on your teacher’s advice and your own preferences.

The following list contains topic examples that might help you come up with your own original and interesting idea.

  • DNA: how it works and how to use it.

  • The differences between blood types and their roles.

  • The influence of the brain on the human body.

  • The development of a baby from the first day of pregnancy.

  • The positive effect of nutrients in food on the development of muscles.

  • Human and animal cells: are they different?

  • The advantages and disadvantages of cloning.

  • The processes that happen to a body after death.

  • The impact of climate changes on the development of humans.

  • The similarities between modern humans and great apes: are we so different?

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