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A List Of Good British Literature Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper in British literature can be a great experience if you come up with an outstanding topic idea. You have a vast choice of topics to consider. However, academic advisors recommend that you find out how to compose a well-written assignment first. So, study what important things to keep in mind and check the list of great sample topics to choose from.

How to Write a Strong Research Paper: Things to Remember

Your final assignment will include a topic, list of works cited, research question, thesis statement, outline, and final draft. You should keep in mind the length of your paper and avoid long quotations if possible. It makes sense to divide the assignment into parts and set a deadline for each part to finish everything before the deadline assigned by your academic advisor.

Another important thing to mention is that you need to get your topic idea approved before you start doing your research and writing your rough draft. After you have a topic idea, do some preliminary literature study, take notes, and clarify the topic. Then, consult your professor and follow his or her advice.

What to Write Your Assignment About: Sample Topic Ideas to Consider

Having a list of sample topic ideas is useful when you procrastinate and cannot formulate your research topic. You can either use one of the following 12 ideas provided below or get inspired and come up with your own unique idea to write about:

  1. How did religion and politics influence British literature in the 18th century?

  2. What themes appeared in most pieces of British literature in the medieval era?

  3. How have opinions about nature changed in works across different times?

  4. Are there any authors from different eras whose literary works can be mistaken for one another’s?

  5. How did different authors address British identity?

  6. What modern pieces of British literature are close to becoming classics?

  7. How modern works refer to the plays of William Shakespeare?

  8. How the author’s life affected his or her works? (Select a famous British author.)

  9. What are the distinctive features of the works of Mary Shelly?

  10. What topics that reference Biblical characters do often appear in the works of the British authors? (Choose two or three characters to analyze in your research paper.)

  11. What historical references can you find in the new pieces of British literature?

  12. How are historical characters like Queen Victoria portrayed in modern literature?
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