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What Makes A Good Research Paper Abstract: 5 Basic Components

When you write a research paper, you begin with the title page and follow it up with a decisive and crisp abstract. This opens up the vast regime for the readers and they realize what they are in for.

A cursory assessment

Now, you cannot take chances with the abstract since an off-wrought abstract can actually put off the reader so much that he won’t be enticed to go through the whole paper. It actually is an assessment of the caliber of the writer.

There are a few qualities that the abstract must possess. These follow –

  1. Shape and structure – The abstract should not cross the 400-word limit. This is what defines its scope and also gives the chance to the writer to express his caliber in such compaction. It is almost like pint-sized dynamite.

  2. Placement of pertinent points – The abstract should have the pivotal questions that range the topical theme mentioned resoundingly. The readers understand what is actually troubling them and how you propose to take on the tiger. Show them the path and they will go with you will the end.

  3. Subtlety personified – The abstract should not reveal the actual sentiments of your research paper. The essence has to be subtly directed at. For impression, you can take the analogy of a television program promo, which makes you curious and yet stops short of revealing much.

  4. A crisp writing style – You have to write objectively and yet there has to be a mix of personal and formal writing. You will need to hone your skill so you seem seasoned and there is a clear feeling that your effort is well-developed. In the end, it all boils down to how well you can communicate.

  5. Your proposal – The abstract places your proposal on the mat, if you will. You need to present what the paper wishes to do in a systematic fold, so the main layers are under wraps. Yet, you cannot create a speculative regime.

Take inspiration from samples

For starters, you can check out a few genuine and authoritative samples to understand the actual mettle and potency of abstracts. It should smoothly lead to the next segment and yet have a distinct personality so it can stand on its own, even if extracted from the paper.

When you get veritably grounded with the topical theme, you can think about it from various angles and your task becomes a lot more convenient.

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