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What Makes A Good Research Paper: Writing Tutorial

Receiving instructions to write a research paper is likely to cause unnecessary anxiety and tension. This should not be the case. There are easy steps to make the exercise enjoyable and ensure that you get top grades.

Understand the Instructions Clearly

It is the instructions that determine the topic and the approach you give to your work. Missing the instructions means that you will be doing the wrong thing regardless of the quality of work or the time you spend on the paper. Clearly understand the topic, the approach, the scope and length of your paper. Get clear instructions on the deadline to ease planning.

Plan for the Paper

A good research paper requires detailed planning. You need to spend time in the library and consult in other cases. You will require the best materials either from the library, internet, colleagues or even from your supervisor or teacher. Ample time is required to read and compile your work. Editing also takes time to ensure that the paper if free of typographical and grammatical errors. You will need a detailed plan for all these to be completed successfully.

Begin Early

Avoid running at the last minute to get the work done. This will expose you to errors besides the fact that you might not pay adequate attention to details. Emergencies at the last minute are likely to affect the quality of your work causing you to deny it the attention it requires. Having sufficient time enables you to consult with your teacher or tutor in case you get stuck.

Write Each Section at a Time

While a complete research paper contains an introduction, body and conclusion, it is not a must to write these sections in this order. When researching for your paper, you are likely to come across new ideas that will change your perspective. It also is possible to write the introduction as the last section. Handle each section at a time without being tied to a particular order.

Use Your Own Words

Plagiarism is a grave academic crime. Even when using templates and samples, do not copy large sections and always acknowledge your sources. There is technology to detect copied sections which will lead to heavy penalties. The teacher or supervisor is looking for your perspective on the topic. Use your own words and express the ideas as an authority since you have researched.

The best research paper will be watered down by grammatical and typographical errors. Read and revise your first draft to ensure that it conforms to the instructions issued. Revising will also ensure that the ideas discussed follow a logical sequence which is the essence of an A+ paper.

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