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Selecting Great Research Paper Topics About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the most common study areas for research papers. It is wide and thus offers numerous study opportunities in different disciplines. A long history of research work in human trafficking means that finding a unique and original topic is challenging. Here are some of the areas you can find unique and captivating topics on human trafficking.

  • News Items - the media covers the latest news with focus on emerging issues in the area. Coverage of human trafficking will give you an idea of what to write about. Trafficking evolves and therefore presents a unique angle to the vice, an angle that will inform your research paper.
  • Recommendations from previous research works - researchers usually recommend further studies in a particular area. These recommendations highlight aspects that are yet to receive attention. Read journals and the latest publications to identify such areas.
  • Consult your supervisor - supervisors and other academicians interact with research work on regular basis. They have extensive knowledge of different academic papers and in their discipline. They are better placed to advice you on the areas to study and those to avoid. Follow their directions and while at it, request for credible sources of reference materials in human trafficking.

    Here is a list of great, fresh and unique research paper topics on human trafficking.

    1. Weak labor laws are responsible for a rise in human trafficking

    2. Trade imbalance is fueling human trafficking

    3. No-mans-land on high seas responsible for human trafficking

    4. Capital punishment as the best deterrent for human trafficking

    5. Explaining the busiest human trafficking routes

    6. Incentives that lure human trafficking victims

    7. Is a global identification system possible to curb human trafficking?

    8. What is the outcome of human trafficking?

    9. Human trafficking as a modern manifestation of slavery

    10. The gender factor in human trafficking

    11. What have the most successful countries done to curb human trafficking?

    12. The contribution of the prostitution industry in human trafficking

    13. What technology can be deployed to curb human trafficking

    14. Human right violations during human trafficking

    15. Is there an upside to human trafficking?

    There are discipline specific topics on human trafficking that would form unique and fresh topics for your research paper. Consider technology, human rights, globalization and international relations and their effect on human trafficking. You also may consider the role of institutions and social structures like religion in curbing human trafficking. An interesting topic will capture the attention of the supervisor and increase your chances of scoring a better grade.

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