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Crafting An Outstanding Term Paper About Social Issues

A term paper is a research project, written by students during an academic term. It is usually based on the topics and materials covered within a particular course, and constitutes a considerable part of the final grade in the related discipline.

The term paper about social issues is usually written in the course of sociology or social studies. It may touch upon various problems of the modern society, and its development through the course of history. It might deal with human rights, preservation of peace, population problems, globalization, violence, aging, consumer society, economics, etc.

The list of topics can be endless here, but it is important to focus on the main aspects of crafting an outstanding term paper about social issues.

  1. Choose a successful topic.
  2. The choice of a good topic is always crucial for writing a successful paper. Do not choose those themes that have already been well-elaborated and researched. Be original, and write about something little known, but interesting and topical. You may think about social problems in your hometown. Consider the following examples:

    • Commuting problem in Red Bank: new ideas and solutions.
    • Unemployment among young adults in Gig Harbor.

    Think about the keywords of your research and include them in you title, so that it could illustrate the main problems discussed in the work.

  3. Find the necessary information.
  4. To write a good term paper, you should analyze all the correspondent information, and collect the related data. Go to the library, and find books and periodicals that illustrate the notion in question. Study the topic deeper: interview the specialists in the field, carry out some polls, ask the citizens’ opinion of the issue. Collect and organize the obtained information, and get ready to write.

  5. Write a research outline.
  6. By making a plan of your paper, you will easily organize your work. You will see what information you still require, and which aspects have already been covered completely. Keep to the usual structure: divide the work into the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

  7. Start writing.
  8. The best way to get down to writing is to start with the main body. It is always easier to begin with the arguments, evidence, and examples. After you finish the body, return back to the introduction and conclusion. Once the text is ready, leave it aside for a week or so, and then look through it again. Giving the work a fresh look, you might want to introduce some changes or corrections. Finally, check the work for accuracy, punctuation, and spelling, and let it be read by somebody else (an opinion from aside is always precious).

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