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Writing A Research Paper: Top 24 Example Topics

When it comes to writing a research paper, there are various topics that are better suited for the essay writing process than others. For example, some topics will have been written about widely before and, therefore, when it comes to doing the research, it would be far easier to find out relevant information.

To give you some idea of good topics that you can use when writing a research paper, the following is a list of 24 example titles that you may wish to consider.

  1. How can taxes be used by governments in order to minimize the amount of environmental damage that is caused by individuals and businesses?

  2. An analysis of the foreign policy of the United Kingdom

  3. va comparison of gay adoption rights in the Western world
  4. A comparison of gun related deaths in the United States and the United Kingdom

  5. Compare and contrast the definitions of hate crimes and terrorist acts

  6. Using a specific example, analyze and outline the costs of a natural disaster

  7. What steps can be put in place in order to ensure that citizens have the best chance of survival in areas that are prone to natural disasters?

  8. Compare and contrast the historical figure of the Vlad the Impala with the mythical figure of Dracula

  9. What impact did the moon landing have relations between the Soviet Union and the United States?

  10. What would Western governments need to do in order to eliminate poverty in poorer countries?

  11. What are the implications of low oil prices in countries whose economies rely on oil production?

  12. Compare and contrast the amount the United States spends on his military with other countries

  13. Discuss the positives and benefits of legalizing prostitution

  14. Discuss the positives and benefits of legalizing marijuana

  15. To what extent is the information provided by individuals to social media companies kept private?

  16. What implications has the rise of social media had on the way in which companies deal with public relations?

  17. What is freedom of religion and to what extent does it exist?

  18. An analysis of how cost effective student loans are for individuals who require them

  19. How did Britain lose its empire?

  20. In terms of achievements, is the most influential and important individual to have been President of the United States?

  21. Compare and contrast organic farming with farming techniques that involve growing genetically modified products

  22. Analyze the efficiency and practicality of renewable energy

  23. What is acid rain and how is it produced?

  24. Discuss the drug legislation in the United States

  25. Should schools do more to discuss topics such as bullying in order to ensure young people understand the implications of their actions?
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