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Top 22 Most Popular High School Research Paper Topics

If you haven’t yet managed to decide on a particular topic for your high school research, you can ask your friend or your mentor to get few good suggestions. However, one easy way to find a research paper is to look up the web to get intriguing research topics. Nevertheless, you can also glance through this list of top 22 most popular high school research topics.

  1. What could be the possible root causes of the ongoing war in Darfur?

  2. How did the invention of gunpowder change combat style and strategy?

  3. How Wal-Mart retail stores impact local wholesalers and retailers?

  4. Why did prehistoric humans domesticate cats and dogs how did they do it?

  5. What all facts are properly documented about 14th century ninjas?

  6. How big is the impact caused by free download sites and the internet on music industry?

  7. What exactly was the political state of affairs before and after the assassination of Bin Laden?

  8. What impact did the women’s suffrage bring to American socio-political scene?

  9. What are the efforts being taken worldwide to protect imperilled wildlife?

  10. How much average Americans need to pay every year for the continued war on drugs?

  11. How is text-based messaging impacting teenage literacy in developing nations?

  12. Is human species still mutating and evolving?

  13. What energy conservation technologies are accessible by home owners across the world?

  14. How do oceanic oil spills impact the environment and what all are the preventive measures taken by different regulatory bodies?

  15. How did Magna Carta change the course of history of England?

  16. What exactly is referred as the infamous curse of the ancient Egyptian kings?

  17. Why was the great philosopher and philanthropist Socrates put to death?

  18. What non-lethal armaments are generally used by the police officials to stamp down rioters?

  19. How big or small is the American prison population compared to other countries?

  20. What were the naval technologies medieval sailors used to employ?

  21. Can gamblers gain a statistical edge over other players in casino?

  22. What is the scientific definition of alchemy and who were the proponents of it?

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