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Quick Tips On How To Cite Sources In An APA Style Research Paper

If you are using the words or ideas of another in your research paper, it is vital that you mention the source in a separate section at the end marked ‘References’. If you are using paraphrases and quotations, you must include in-text citation that makes clear mention of the source in the References page and also pinpoints the exact location of the information that you borrowed for use in the text of the term paper.

The format should be clear

In the APA format research paper, when you paraphrase or quote from a source, you must include the last name of the author, the publication date, and also the page number with the abbreviation. If the paraphrase or quotation used is from more than one page, use pp. If the name of the author gets mentioned in the sentence, you should to place the date right after it and then include just the page number within brackets.

If your quotation happens to be longer than 40 words, it should be included as a ‘block quotation’ in the APA dissertation paper. You begin the quotation in a new line and also indent just like a new paragraph. Then you need to include the author’s name, year and the page number. Once the quotation is complete, you should continue your paragraph right from the start of the following line.

Precision is most important

In many cases, it is seen that a particular source might paraphrase or quote a different source. If you do include the paraphrase of quotation from the latter in your homework, do not forget to cite both in the section for in-text citation.

However, your References should contain only the name of the initial source. If it is possible, try and locate the original source which is being paraphrased or quoted so that it can be cited directly in the paper and you may then list in the References section with other sources.

Where you should target?

You will find many sources, especially those found online, lack page numbers. In case your source does not have page numbers, you should omit the number reference within the citation.

In the APA format, if your source has two authors, the names of both must be mentioned in each citation. If there are more than two, you must name all of the authors in the first citation and then include only the last name of the first author followed by “et al”.

If your source is a group rather than a singular individual, you must use the name of the group in the citation in your freelance APA format essay.

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