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How To Come Up With A Fun Topic For A Research Paper

The topic you select for your research paper will determine the ease with which you handle the paper. It must be in line with your area of study and give an indication of what the reader can expect from the entire paper. An interesting topic ignites creativity and insight that makes the writing process easier. This will lead to a high quality paper.

What is a Good Topic?

  • Fresh - a good topic avoids areas that have been studied for years. Such areas are mundane to read and do not arouse curiosity. If you are to base your paper on a common topic, ensure that you provide a fresh perspective that will make it interesting to read.

  • Specific - the topic should indicate boundaries within which your paper will be based. It should not be too broad that it is difficult to exhaust your discussion. On the other hand, it should not be too narrow to the point of lacking materials to complete the paper.

  • Relevant - relevance comes in two forms.

    • Relevant to your area of study - if your area of study is botany, ensure that your topic leans more towards botany than general biology. This is meant to satisfy the expectations of the reader who follows the title of your paper.

    • Relevant to the society - academic work should explore and provide solutions to social problems. Choose a topic that shows your resonance with the issues happening in the society at the moment. Avoid discussions that have been overtaken by events.

Fresh Topics to Consider When Ordering Custom Research Papers

  • Economic recession was the epitome of greed and not natural market forces

  • World War II was necessary considering the circumstances at the time

  • Revolutions are cyclic and can be predicted

  • Celebrities and sport personalities are overrated as well as overpaid

  • It is poor wealth distribution policies that cause poverty to thrive among populations in different parts of the world

  • Gay relations should be considered as a private matter with no need for legislation

  • Certain species have defied Darwin’s theory on evolution which makes it irrelevant

  • Climate change is a natural cycle and can never be controlled through human activity

  • Democracy should be allowed to grow without interference by international organizations

  • Religion should remain a private matter in all societies

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