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A List Of 13 Strong Research Paper Topics For High School Students

A research paper is a common assignment for high school students. Students usually treat it as something dull and boring but, in fact, it can be an interesting task. A lot depends on the topic that you choose. If your teacher gives you or you take an uninteresting topic, you should not be surprised that the work goes toughly. Try to choose a topic that will make you feel excited about the process of searching for reliable reference materials and the process of writing itself. If you like the topic you are describing, your research will be interesting to readers.

Which topics should be chosen? Give preference to the areas that you know at least a little. It will be easier for you to explore such an area and pick out facts that seem to be the most interesting and important. Try not to choose areas that you have never explored. It’s quite difficult to separate what is worth your attention from what isn’t at the first sight. Keep in mind the audience that is supposed to read the research. Make sure that your choice of the topic will be interesting to your classmates and that you will manage to present the information in a comprehensive way.

If you are choosing a topic with the help of the Internet databases or manuals, or with the help of an offline library, you need to remember that such topics can be chosen by your classmates, as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to customize a chosen topic before you use it, so that your project becomes unique.

Below, you will find a list of suggested strong high school research paper topics that can be used.

  1. The Alcatraz prison is supposed to be the strongest in the world. Has anybody ever escaped it?

  2. Bulletproof clothing is a reliable safety means. How do they make it so strong?

  3. A board and rollers. When was the first skateboard invented?

  4. Beehives are perfectly organized. What is life like inside them?

  5. Dinosaurs and humans never met. Why did dinosaurs disappear?

  6. The Roswell UFO incident is still a mystery. What happened then?

  7. Many people smoke tobacco. What’s the effect of passive smoking?

  8. Now they are our pets. What for did the humanity domesticate cats and dogs?

  9. Short text messaging affects our communication. Does it, really?

  10. The evolution is a fact. Is it happening to us now, too?

  11. Their tombs are cursed. How did the curse of pharaohs affect people?

  12. Stars and signs. How did ancient sailors find their way in the seas?

  13. They eat the Universe. What are black holes?
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