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List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics About Army Nursing

Research papers are an important part of a student’s academic performance. The more papers that a student completes in high school will pave the way for an easier time once he gets to college. One of the most difficult things to do is decide on a topic for your paper. Here is a list of interesting topics in the subject of army nursing:

  1. Explore the high incidence of PTSD in army nurses after the Vietnam War.

  2. Are male nurses more qualified for front line work than female army nurses?

  3. How did Mary Seacole, the first nurse practitioner, change health care?

  4. Did the duties of the army nurse change between the Vietnam War and the Gulf War?

  5. How much affect did army nurses have on the wounded during the Vietnam War?

  6. What affect did Agent Orange have on army nurses?

Once you have decided on a topic, you need to decide on a topic sentence. This often can be accomplished when you begin to research your topic. Often times you will come across something that interests you enough to make it your thesis statement. When this happens you should narrow your research down to this area so you can thoroughly exhaust the information. Try to keep your information well organized using index cards so you will be able to find the information when you need it. After you have completed your research you need to create an outline for your paper. Many students like to skip this step but that is a big mistake. Make sure you input all of your important main points into your outline and decide on which order you want to present it. Include your introduction and conclusion as well. Spend some time writing both of these components since they are the first and last thing your readers will see. Now you can use your outline as a roadmap and create your rough draft. Once you have finished with your rough draft it would be a good idea to have someone you trust read it over. Let them give you some advice on how to make it better. Then all you have to do is make the necessary changes and make sure your grammar and spelling is flawless. Then just create your final draft and you are done!

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