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Basic Manual For Creating A Strong APA Research Paper Discussion Section

Clearly, the discussion section of your research paper is one of the most crucial elements of the work piece, so it needs to be done totally correctly. A strong discussion section can elevate the quality of your work from good to outstanding, so you really should pay special attention to it. It’s also important that you apply the correct formatting style to your entire work. And that’s where this manual comes in. It will teach you how to create a strong research paper discussion section in the APA formatting style.

What is the APA formatting style?

Before you learn to apply the APA formatting style to your research paper, you need to understand exactly what the APA formatting style is. Basically, a formatting style is a set of guidelines that explains how you are supposed to format your work. It covers things like your table of contents, list of references, and obviously your discussion section. The APA formatting style is the formatting style used by the American psychological Association, and it is usually applied to work that falls under the social sciences, such as psychology.

How do you create your discussion section according to the APA format?

The following steps describe how you need to create your discussion section according to the APA format:

  • Step 1: Explain the major findings of your work
  • Here you are required to describe and explain the major findings of your work. This should be done in the first paragraph of your research paper discussion section, and should be done in clear concise language, in a declarative style.

  • Step 2: Explain the meaning of your findings and why they are important
  • Next, you need to explain the meaning of your findings and why they are important to your field.

  • Step 3: Compare your findings to those of other studies
  • Now, you should compare your own findings to those of other studies. This helps add context to your work.

  • Step 4: Reflect on other reasons for your findings
  • Here you need to consider other reasons for the findings you ended up with, not just your own beliefs about them.

  • Step 5: Discuss the possible consequences and implications of your findings
  • Next, you should discuss any possible consequences and implications of your findings.

  • Step 6: Describe the limitations of your study
  • Finally, it is extremely important that you discuss all the limitations of your study, especially for those who want to conduct further research on the topic.

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