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What Is An Academic Research Paper: Things To Know

There are some things to know when asking what is an academic research paper and they are as follows:

  • One of the first things to know about what an academic research paper is relates to the purpose. The purpose of an academic research paper is to research, much as the name would suggest. This means that you put in quality effort to review the existing literature on your subject and collect data from multiple areas to bring together in order to cultivate your analysis and your findings on the analysis. You need to show that you have sufficiently examined all of the aspects of your particular angle as it relates to your greater topic. This can only be done effectively if you truly dedicate the time and energy to reviewing all relevant literature on the subject.
  • On that note one of the other things to know when figuring out what an academic research paper is relates to flexibility. You might have your initial hypothesis or thesis about which you want to write. However, as you conductor through research the information available to indicate that you are heading down the wrong path. You may very well find that somebody has already completed a study exactly like yours with all demographics being the same. You may very well find that the current literature suggests the opposite argument is true and your argument has been proven untrue. In any of these cases you need to be flexible enough to alter your hypothesis or thesis so that you can change directions as needed.
  • For example: if you find that somebody else has already completed a research paper on your exact topic you can change some of the demographic so that there is variability between your topic and there's. If the content you find shows that your perspective is incorrect then you might have to change your perspective or again, change some of the demographics.

  • One of the final things to know when figuring out what an academic research paper is relates to organization. With the academic research paper the organization of your content follows a much stricter requirements. Creative writing allows a great deal of flexibility in terms of your presentation and the order of your information but almost all research-based writings follow the same steps and require the same chapters. In almost all cases you will be required to present the introduction, the literature review, the background, the methodology, the materials, the results, the findings, a discussion, and the conclusion.
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