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Five Common Research Methods You Can Use In A Sociology Paper

There are different types of research methods to consider when writing sociology papers. However, it is advisable to consider using a combination of these methods. These methods relate to collection of data, analysis and presentation of data. The methods help to collect useful data that helps to develop custom solutions to the specific research problem. The data collected will finally help to test the hypothesis and thus drawing of conclusions. So, apart from writing and paper editing, many writers cut down the process of data collection and analysis by employing cost-effective and simple methods. Here are some of the methods to consider for a paper in sociology:

  • Social surveys: These are qualitative data collection methods that involve writing a questionnaire and interviews. The questionnaires and interviews are then passed to the correct/appropriately selected respondents. A questionnaire or interview should be prepared well and thought out in order to collect as much detailed information as possible. In addition, they should be as friendly and ethical as possible to answer. It is also recommended to inform participants of your intention to supply questionnaires or interview them. You will also be required to seek their consent of participation in the investigation/study. Informing interviewees earlier can also improve outcomes since you allow them some time for preparation.

  • Observations: The researcher chooses to visit the area of study or interact with the selected sample, with an intention of observing their character, behavior and their reactions to issues. The observations are then interpreted to help answer some specific questions. The sample selected can be an individual or a group and should be representative. In this case, generalizations are made based on the writer’s interpretation and understanding of observations.

  • Experiments: This is one of the qualitative methods for social scientists. The experiments can be field or laboratory experiments or both. Experimental methods are considered difficult as the experiment must be designed to suit the specific issue.

  • Official statistics: This is one of secondary methods of data collection. In this case, the writer considers statistics and information produced by governmental bodies, including crime agencies, family units, employment departments and other bodies.

  • Use of documents: Data is pulled from official reports, newspapers and broadcasts.

  • Cross-cultural research: This is a method in which the values and differences among various cultures and societies are considered. One can employ participant observation where a member of the given community represents the latter in the research.

  • Correlation research: One in which two variables are compared - attitudes, behaviors, events, etc.
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